19 Juni 2009

Ronan Keating - Album Turn It On (2003) - Last Thing on My Mind ft LeAnn Rimes

Ronan Keating Turn It On ImageTurn It On, adalah album solo ketiga dari Ronan Keating, dirilis pada 17 November 2003. Tiga single dikeluarkan untuk album ini, "Lost for Words", "She Believes (In Me)" dan "Last Thing on My Mind", yang menampilkan LeAnn Rimes. Album terbaru ini, tidak sesukses album sebelumnya. Album ini hanya menempati posisi 21 dalam tangga lagu di Inggris.
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Lirik dan kunci lagu Last Thing on My Mind:

G                                 C
 Four o'clock in the morning
G                                  C
My mind's filled with a thousand thoughts of you
G                                   C
And how you left without a warning
G                              C
But looking back I'm sure you tried to talk it through

G                      C
Now I see it so clearly
G                              C
We're together but living separate lives

G                          C
So wanna tell you I'm sorry
G                         C
Baby I can't find the words
D             C                   G        D
But if I could, then you know I would, yeah

Bridge: G  C (X2)

G                                               D
No I won't let you go, know what we can be
               C                               D
I won't watch my life, crashing down on me
              G              D                         C       D
Guess I had it all, right there before my eyes, yeah
              C                                                           G
Girl, I'm sorry now, you were the last thing on my mind

 Bridge: G  C (X2)

You carried me like a river
How far we've come still surprises me
And now I look in the mirror
Staring back is the man
I used to be

With you
How I long for you

Repeat chorus

Girl I'm sorry I was wrong
Could have been there
Should have been so strong
So I'm sorry, wooh

 Repeat chorus X2

Video lagu Last Thing on My Mind:

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